The Fox and the Zen Monk

Have I not told you the tale of the fox and the Zen monk?

Friend, sit here a little while…

Once upon a time there was a Zen monk who lived in a forest amidst blue mountains. No, in a distant country in Asia, no. Here close. In Spain, Valencia Community, Requena.

A day like any other, the monk went out not to work in the garden that he cultivated with patience and affection, as if everything grew by itself. Worked without moving, letting their hands be guided by the rays of the sun that filtered through the huge branches of the centuries-old pines. The soft floor, with that mixture of earth and smelly pine leaf, it snapped softly in its still stride.

A gust of wind passed and the monk sat down, like other times, in your usual place, that sometimes it was here, and other times there, but always in the same place, even if it was different. I already told you that Zen monks are always where they are, even if they are not where they are.

A cloud in the sky, small but curious, I watched hanging in the silence as if it were just a cloud.

The monk, finally, moved by nature in the middle of nature, I was going to take in all the forest air with a cetacean sigh when, to his surprise, he could see a little fox crossing the flowers, that sniffed with infinite caution the orderly forest.

He didn't say hello, or anything, sniffed here and there as if looking for his place, like i lost something, -Where have i put it?, seemed to say- while looking askance at the monk, and disappeared like a fox, leaving his tail on the retina and a goatee smile at bedtime.

From time to time the little fox would return to the forest ordered to look for that thing that she did not remember where she had left it. Had to be there, somewhere, there was no doubt. And the monk was always in the same place, even if it was a different one, sitting in the center.

The days passed, the weeks and the months… and do you know what happened?. Sure you know… I have already told you: finally the bitch found what she didn't know she was looking for: to the monk; and the monk found what he didn't know he was looking for: the fox. And so they became very friends.

Today they still live there in the green forest between blue mountains. Your house is always full of friends. Everyone celebrates having found what the other did not know he was looking for. After all, you already know that one best teaches what one needs to learn the most..

Of course they have names, do not think that I have made it up. Her name is mari bel. Don't laugh it's true… And the, Okay, they know him by many names. Lately he calls himself Wakô.

Text, soundtrack and montage: Caesar CK

Photographs and videos: Wakô Dokushô Villalba.

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