The peace of nirvana

Dear disciples, sympathizers, CBSZ benefactors and supporters.

I hope you had a few days satisfactory holidays in the company of your family and loved ones.

One year ends in a few days and another new solar cycle begins. The Undefeated Sun began to be reborn on 21 from December and will continue its expansion journey once again.

Circular motion, the spiral, continues without beginning or end. Light and shadows alternate and, sometimes coexist, in the reality of samsara what is ours every day.

Attraction and rejection, life and death, health and sickness, loss and gain, encounters and disagreements, achievements and failures, friendship and enmity, contraction and expansion ... are pairs of opposites that constantly interact, fluctuating in the game of polarities that constitutes the apparent reality.

But nirvana it is no different of samsara. There are not nirvana outside of samsara. The peace of nirvana emerges when we accept the reality of samsara and we stopped looking for that impossible place where it is neither cold nor hot.

To sit in zazen is to sit on the vicissitudes of the wheel of life and death and settle in the calm Inside amidst the swell of comings and goings.

In these troubled times, on the cacophony of events, there is an immutable silence that awaits us always and that invites us to dwell in him.

Zazen is the door to this silence and to this quiet.

I wish you peace and contentment, Health, joy and prosperity for this new year.

I thank you for your practice and your support to the Soto Zen Buddhist Community and the Luz Serena Zen Temple during this past year and I pray that we can continue working together one more year for the good and happiness of all living beings.

Fraternally in the Dharma

Dokushô Villalba

Serene Light, 27 December 2020

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5 Comments The peace of nirvana

  1. María Teresa

    El silencio en el Samu,los momentos compartidos, The ten directions of space are the One Mind, seguro en algún momento volvemos a encontrarnos y compartir, por aquí y ahora, por un buen año para todos los seres.


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