Last night's moon

Last night the moon visited me.

She came alone and at dawn.

She entered silently through the large windows of my bedroom

flooding the space with its pale white light.

From the depths of the dream

I felt his presence on my face and eyelids.

Called me to meet.

I followed the call.

The meeting occurred

and woke up from the dream.

I opened my eyes and saw her head on.

An intense glow shook my marrow

and transported me to the world

of the eye that never sleeps.

Wakefulness and sleep, the same reverie.

It was only a brief second,

an eternal second

in which the ephemeral eternity of the instants

who were present, but they are already gone

covered it all.

After, I fell back to sleep.

This morning, on waking,

I have remembered the night meeting

Y, in doing so,

the eye that never sleeps is still awake.

A path opens

between waking sleep and waking sleep.


January, 2021

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