Fade to black

Evening falls

Where did the light go


Clarity turns orange,

Why alchemy do fuchsias appear?

The deep blues are winning in the water.

The sun no longer blinds.

They open their eyes to the wonders of light.

Everything is a party at the end of the day.


without knowing how or from where,

the soft darkness of dusk

they are everywhere.

They have wrapped the palm trees from the feet to the tops,

they already live in the walls of the houses

and in the bodies that move away.

Now the darkness has erased

the sea and the sky

the horizon and the birds.

I'm alone in the absent garden.

I won't get up to light no flame.

I will not open the computer or watch TV,

I will not hear more music than that of silence,

I will not write any letter,

i won't make any calls,

I will not open any book

nor will I do anything that is not

let myself be enveloped by total blackness

that envelops me and dissolves me.

The shapes have long since disappeared,

work of the relentless night that erases everything

My hands, My arms, my legs

are invisible to my eyes.

How is the resulting space?

Near, far, absent?

Darkness penetrates everything.

No light present.

Except for the one that radiates the darkness itself.


Fall, 2017

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1 Comment Fade to black

  1. Luis Troyano Cobo

    because we have a body, with our eyes we see the light and the world. In zazen we learn to die to the world and the light that we are illuminates ourselves. If we don't see light outside the mind for your work, Well, you don't see the world, and then we create a fusion with the TAO that vivifies everything, inside our skin and outside, all.
    Then we lose our name and we are all in name. TAO.
    There is a loose fringe, memories and future projections. Everything I say is valid if we are always in the NOW.


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