Happy New Year 2022

I hope you are well, as well as your family and loved ones.

As of January 2022, just completed my 65 years, I will take a year off from my public role as a Zen teacher and as president of the CBSZ.

Does 45 years ago I received the ordination as a Soto Zen Buddhist monk from my first teacher Taisen Deshimaru Roshi and 35 that I received the Dharma transmission from my second teacher Shuyu Narita roshi. During these years I have dedicated myself body and spirit to the study, to the practice and teaching of this wonderful tradition of awakening that I received from my teachers and ancestors, at the same time that I have taken care of the foundation and establishment of the Zen Temple Luz Serena and the CBSZ. Now I need a year of retirement from my civil service.

As you know, last year I transmitted the Dharma to Daizan Soriano Sensei, who for a year has assumed the executive direction of the Community. As of January 2022 it will be he who will also be in charge of the spiritual direction and who will direct the deepening retreats.

Our Community has a General Council that for a year has been dealing exemplarily with all the organizational aspects of the temple and the Community.. And will continue to do so in this new year. We also have a good team of Zen instructors and meditation assistants.. Both in Daizan Sensei and in all of them I fully trust and know that they will adequately support the practice of the sangha throughout this year..

Personally I will continue to participate in the daily practice in the temple and I want to use this time to finish some books and projects already started..

My intention is to join at the beginning of January 2023 to regular practice with the sangha.

I wish you a happy and auspicious New Year and encourage you to continue your practice of the Way within the sangha and to continue making your essential contribution to the temple and the Community..

We will see each other again soon.

And gasshô

Dokushô Villalba

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