In the mountain, under the snow

Terrified trees blue snow

in this winter evening

that, cup to cup,

has left the world speechless,

hour after hour,

all day in the rain


Between hills I live


Like that pine alone,

like that rock alone.

alone before the silence

like the song of the scops owl.

I raise my glass and drink

Red wine

a la memoria de Li Bo:

You ask me why i live here

in the green mountains.

I do not answer. I smile.

In peace the heart.

Everything goes without leaving a trace.

This is my universe,

so different from humans ".


January 2021

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3 Comments In the mountain, under the snow

  1. Rafael

    When it's still cold and the other deciduous trees are bare, the almond trees bloom, beautiful and wild, the wind shakes them perfumed the air.

    I look forward to the rest of the translated Shobogenzo.


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