What is the meaning of life?

This morning, a journalist asked me what the meaning of life is for me. This has been my answer.

Which one is the meaning of the question “what is the meaning of life?”

What means "meaning of life"?

Be whatever the answer, will always be a human mental construction. All mental construction is created by each human being based on their conditioning social, cultural, politicians, religious, ideological, cheap, of class Social, of genre, of kind, from historical period, geographical location...

Is tell, any mental construction on the "meaning of life" is, by your own nature, conditioned therefore limited, partial, fictitious, illusory.

Is there a common and universal sense of life for all living beings, or even for all human beings of all times? Does an Eskimo build the "meaning of life" in the same way?, a 21st century New Yorker, a prostitute from Mumbai, a Google CEO, or a Theravada Buddhist monk who lives secluded in the jungle? I think not. Unless it is the very fact of living.

What meaning of life has an amoeba, a chrysanthemum, an elephant from the Serengeti? We don't know because they don't build any mental image about the "sense" of life” nor do they use categorical language to express it.

The search and the need to build a "meaning of life" is exclusive to the human being in the attempt to have under control the trans-rational mystery of the life and thus avoid the anguish caused by uncertainty.

But any attempt to control life through the mental construction of a sense is doomed to failure since, by its very nature, is a artifice, an artificial construct, sooner or later, collapses.

Personally I feel that life does have a meaning, but I feel unable to think about it and put it into words. For me, the meaning of life cannot be an image expressed in linguistic categories -something necessarily conditioned and limited-, but an ineffable experience that I live in the day to day of my life everyday.

I sense that my cells, my nervous system, my DNA know what's the meaning of your dynamism and vitality. Because, I try to calm the verbiage of my mental activity and listen deeply and intimately to what the wisdom that manifests itself in the activity of my physiology and my consciousness intuitive. This living and conscious organism that I am, in interrelation with totality of the existing, “knows” much more and deeper than my mind categorical.

For I feel that I cannot clarify the meaning of life with my mind categorical, but with what in Zen is called "no-mind". The experience of no-mind allows me to transcend all sense of life constructed by the mind. It leads me to non-sense (constructed). And from this non-sense (constructed) naturally arises a deep connection with the meaning that has been inscribed in my original nature.

It wonderful is that I can express all this with my mind, knowing that the mind can't express it all.

Which one is the meaning of life? I have no idea about it. But nevertheless, when I hallo in front of a flower, I tell him silently:

"You know something that I don't know,

That's why I ask you with my eyes

and you respond by showing

As you are

the radiant beauty of your silence”.

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10 Comments What is the meaning of life?

  1. Juan Antonio Berlinches

    The master has cast the hook.
    Reality itself is meaningless because it is not a sign that I pointed to something else beyond itself.
    Thus life is devoid of purpose and the life of the universe is complete at every moment and without the need to justify itself by pointing to something beyond..
    Thus there is a point at which thought as all processes must stop..
    Thanks, teacher.

  2. Hector Saeta

    I would say, to be without seeking to be, there is no more meaning in life than to live it. Carpe Diem

  3. Daido

    life has a meaning, Yes, that is hidden in the here now. it's a secret, Yes, but an open secret.☺

  4. Araceli

    The example of the flower that Dokuso cites, reminds me of this: “I look at the flower. And the flower sees itself through me . the flower looks at me. And I see myself

    through her”

  5. Javier Gomez

    But the teacher needed the mind to explain the no-mind. So it's not released yet. As the teacher says in one of his books that I bought. He says 'The buddha is when you are in the toilet'. That for me is happiness. be in a toilet, in a shower, Drink tea, see a blue pen on the table, my bald head. That.

  6. Carlos Enrique Mamani

    I would like to ask what place the shares occupy (charitable) within that path towards the discovery of the meaning of existing. Its essentials? because they could be conditioned by the cognitive constructions transmitted by society. Thanks. Greetings from Argentina

    1. Dokushô Villalba

      But, generosity, is the main virtue in the Buddhist tradition.
      the pure gift, untainted by hidden intentions, has three characteristics:
      – forget what is given.
      – forget who gives.
      – forget to whom it is given.
      This is the mushotoku don: without expecting anything in return.
      Health, Carlos.


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