The Religion of the Market God

The market religion is the modern religion that provides the most attractive value system for most of the world's population.. The majority of people, even if he confesses himself a christian, Muslim, buddhist, atheist, Hindu, Jewish, and so on, has adopted and assumed these values ​​as an expression of the Only True Reality and as the Natural Order of the World.

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Buddhist meditation and pre-Buddhist systems of meditation

by Dokushô Villalba The Buddha Gotama, also known as Shakyamuni Buddha, studied and practiced different pre-Buddhist meditation systems with different sramana teachers[1] of his time, before establishing a new meditation system that would eventually lead to the enlightenment experience. The sramanas' pre-Buddhist system of meditation distinguished four levels of… Continue reading

Mindfulness neoliberal

By Oshan Jarow Moving Beyond Neoliberal Individualism Toward a Digitized Culture of Interdependence and Democratic Liberation from Outdated Ways of Life. When I wake up each morning I am faced with decisions that on the surface may seem insignificant., but its apparent shallowness is just the tip of the iceberg that lies beneath. Do I get up from the… Continue reading