Dharma transmission

In the early hours of Friday 4 from December, in the zen temple Luz Serena, (Banshô san Wakô Zenji, Manshuyama Wako Zen Temple), Samuel Soriano Guardiola has received the Transmission of the Dharma (dempo) from his teacher Come. Taisei Dokushô Villalba (Tessie alone ), Abbot-founder of the temple and of the Soto Zen Buddhist Community, thus becoming his sole and legitimate… Continue reading

ZEN: mindfulness and silence.

The documentary is now available on Vimeo “ZEN: mindfulness and silence”. A very beautiful work from Piramidal Studio, which reflects very well the life in the Luz Serena Zen temple and the atmosphere of the retreats.

2,50 € for the rental during 72 hours.


ZEN & quot; Silence and the Practice of Mindfulness" from Piramidal Studio on Vimeo.

About the book “Full attention”.

Podcast of the program Asia Hoy of Radio Exterior of Spain, About the book “Full attention. Mindfulness based on the Buddhist tradition”, by Dokushô Villalba.
Was issued on 19 May of 2019.
The conversation between the director of the program and Ana Romero is accompanied by very good music.